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4th of July in Charleston

Posted By: Ute Appleby In: Events and Festivities
Date: Thu, Jun 30th 2016 12:01 pm

The 4th of July is right around the corner ! Time to reflect what this means for us, and time to celebrate and gather with friends and family.  

Wherever you reside or visit in the Charleston area, there will be a fireworks celebration to enjoy:

City of North Charleston 4th of July Festival– The City of North Charleston hosts an amazing 4th of July Festival at the Riverfront Park. The festival runs from 3 pm until 9:45 pm and will have food, drinks, and live music ! 

Summerville: Red, White, and Blue on the Green– This amazing celebration start at 5:30pm  at Gahagan Park . There will be music and food and lots of things to do. 

Mount Pleasant 4th of July Blast at Patriots Point– A very popular spot for the Charleston 4th of July event ! One can see it from Patriot Point in front of the Yorktown, or down at the marina or at Mount Pleasant Memorial Park, all great spots to enjoy the fireworks, music and food. 

Middleton Place–  No trip trip to Charleston is complete without visiting a plantation especially on the 4rh of July. The 4th is celebrated with a look into the past with one of our locals who signed the Declaration of Independence, Arthur Middleton. Enjoy his home, land, and all of the wonderful historical significance of this time.

Downtown Charleston Sea Stars and Stripes– The Aquarium also offers a fun Independence Day celebration. One can go to a special event starting at 7pm and watch the fireworks from the steps overlooking the Cooper River.

Folly Beach, at the edge of the Atlantic, has an amazing fireworks event planned at the Pier and has music and food trucks lined up for everyone to enjoy.

There are numerous celebrations and opportunities to enjoy this special day, maybe even on a Harbor Cruise  or at the beaches of one of the Islands !!

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