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4 Trim Ideas to Enhance Your Home’s Interior

Posted By: Tom Freed In: Home Interior
Date: Wed, Oct 19th 2016 7:55 am

You‘ve heard the saying, “It’s all in the details?” Well when it comes to your home and what sets it apart from other homes, your interior trim can make the biggest difference. In my years as a trim carpenter I saw many homes, and what stood out the most was not only the craftsmanship but the choice of trim. Here are some ideas to consider when choosing the right trim for you home (whether new construction or renovation).

1. Baseboard

When choosing baseboard choose something that has an appealing but simple profile. If you want something unique or customized, you can have someone mill it for you but be prepared for the added expense. The size of the baseboard is very important as well. Normally wider trim is used when there are higher ceilings. This can really enhance the room and give the space a more distinguished look. Typically you’ll find wider trim in older homes but it has also become popular in new construction as well when trying to duplicate this look.

2. Shoe Molding

Along with the baseboard, what completes the job more than anything else and goes hand in hand is adding shoe molding. In many parts of the country this is often overlooked (sometimes just to cut costs) but in the end it’s worth the investment and gives a professional look to the job. Not only does it make the baseboard come to life with a seamless look (especially after it’s been caulked and painted) but helps cover any unevenness or gaps where the baseboard meets the floor. Some people prefer using quarter round but this usually looks too bulky and detracts from that seamless look.

3. Window and Door Casing

When it comes to window and door casing, I prefer a wider, colonial look, especially if the home has wider baseboards or higher ceilings. This is a great way to give the window and door openings character and add a little more “beefiness” (just remember to take in consideration the distance from the wall to the door jam as well as pre-existing light switches that may end up in the way). Ornamental corner blocks are also a great way to add character and can make the job easier if you prefer not cutting 45 degree miters. Another idea is to use a block of wood on either side of your door (about 4” long) that butts tight to the floor with your side casings then butted on top. Tip: You may want to choose soft white pine casing instead of MDF - it holds together better… and be sure to glue all miters.

4. Crown Molding

Crown molding can add a lot of value to your home as well as create depth and character. The rule of thumb is the higher the ceiling the wider the crown molding. Nailing a piece of wood to the wall first and then attaching the crown molding is a great way to make the crown molding look even wider and creates a “layered” look that really stands out. Be sure the wood behind the crown molding is wide enough to be seen when the crown molding is nailed on. Caulk and paint and you have a classic look!

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