Alex & Deb Johnson

Alex & Deb Johnson
Real Estate Team - Realtor

141 N Main Street
Summerville SC 29483

Office: 864-650-2599
Cell: 843-568-9092

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“ Through service to others, we are able to develop strong relationships and produce exceptional results”

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HEY THERE!!! Thanks for taking the time to check us out. We are Alex and Deb Johnson, a married, dynamic duo real estate team. We have always had a passion for real estate and just like at home, we work extremely well together with very opposite, yet highly complementary skill sets. We have both spent our entire professional careers in direct service and engagement with others, we just switched from being inside gyms and nursing facilities, to going outside in the community to meet new people. Everyday is a chance to set goals, hustle, and learn something new. We would love to help you find your dream home! Alex is originally from Delaware, but Deb has been around a little bit more; she was born in Virginia, grew up in Pennsylvania, and then moved to Delaware with her knight in shining armor. Finally and together, we moved to South Carolina, where we have been living happily ever after since 2016. It's safe to say, we are both very familiar with the East Coast;) let us help you find your dream home to begin living your dream life just like we did!

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Tank Capone Johnson, Barker-in-Charge

And now, we’d like to introduce the latest addition to The Johnson Group, Tank Capone Johnson. Tank is our Barker-in-Charge, which means he is responsible for looking over contracts, reviewing deals, prospecting, and pretty much running the financial department, both personally and professionally. He maintains an extraordinary amount of chewing bones and toys, but insists they are necessary for the growth and scaling of our business. We don’t really understand his reasoning, but he sure knows how to close a deal so we don’t question him. He fights just as hard for his clients as he does for sneakers and Beggin’ Strips. While on the job, he has a no-nonsense personality, focused purely on results and production. In his free-time, he likes short walks to the fridge, harassing his Rottweiler older sister, snoring, and flexing his favorite Miami Vice Hawaiian shirt around the Battery, that he grew out of 20 pounds ago.

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As a real estate team it is our duty to advocate for you, but it is our mission to win you your perfect home or sell your home quickly and efficiently. We do this by taking a very holistic approach to your home search, focusing on different aspects of your life and the things that matter to you most in order to fine tune our searches and find that one, hidden gem that speaks to you. If you are looking to list, we take full advantage of the modern age of digital marketing, social media, and open houses. We want you to be happy and excited for this new chapter in your life, whether you’re buying or selling your first, second, third, fourth, or forever home. The wonderful world of real estate is stressful, yet overwhelmingly exciting; It's a step forward in your life and we want to be your soldiers, your warmth, your guidance, and your friend throughout this process. Working as a team provides us with the ability to provide extraordinary service to our clients, and through service to others, we are able to develop strong relationships and produce exceptional results.

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In this day in age, marketing and advertising has completely changed. In order to stay relevant, we have boosted our presence online and on social media which provides us with the ability to have broader reach and boost awareness for your home. We mix our knowledge of how these systems work with creativity and uniqueness to help your home stand out amongst others. By utilizing our very own software, we are able to provide additional avenues of marketing and awareness for your home to help attract buyers and help get your home sold quicker. As an extra bonus, our listings post across several websites, including Zillow, Trulia, and, just to name a few!

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“Great team to work with! Their heart, combined intellect, and compassion make a big difference when I'm doing the biggest transaction of my life.”

-John R., Mount Pleasant, SC


“They took the time out for me. Even though I was not qualified. They gave me recommendations to help me get on the right track. Thank you so much.”

-Patricia M., Orangeburg, SC


“Deb is an excellent agent who will work her tail off to find the perfect home for you! She is detail oriented and keeps everything running seamlessly.”

-Taylor S., Charleston, SC

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